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Rental Property

The building that houses my offices was originally built in 1901, likely the first structure in the “Sea Cottage Addition” of Cape Charles. The building was initially the home of Cape Charles Ice & Lumber. Later, the building was home to the U.S. Post Office, a restaurant, the local liquor store, an insurance agency and apartments on the 2nd & 3rd floors.

John and his wife Cela Burge purchased the building in early 1997. All work on the building since 1997 has been done with the help and guidance of Cape Charles architect Leon Parham. Contractors who have worked on the building include: Greg Lohse, Bill Erps, Chuck Chapman and Bob Sellers.

Before and After

Before After

Renovations were begun in 1997 and in 1998 phase one was completed when the first residential unit on the 2nd floor was occupied; the second phase which added the second residential unit was completed in 2000. The third phase was completed in 2003 when the 1st and 3rd floors were completed. The 3rd floor then became the residence for John & Cela.

Initially the 1st floor contained one office and two apartments; however, those apartments were converted to office space in 2005. The entire building encompasses about 11,000 SF, anchored by walls that are 3-bricks thick and topped with a hip roof.

In 2009 the building remains, as it has upon the completion of each finished phase, fully occupied. The 3rd floor is home to John & Cela; the 2nd floor apartments have only had 3 tenants since 2000 and the current tenants have been in the building 3 and 6 years respectively.

The 1st floor contains three offices: Banks Chiropractic (Dr. Scott Banks – since 2003); Jones Dentistry (Dr. David Jones – since 2006); and Law Offices (John Burdiss since 2005 and Jack Thornton since 2007).